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Vocal Arts Competition 

Classical vocal artists compete on the local, district

and national level for scholarship awards.

Women’s History Project

Recognizing the achievements of women in all facets of life

– science, community, government,    

literature, art, sports, medicine.


Founders’ Day Event

Annual luncheon to honor our Founders, award scholarships to high school students and recognize community leaders.


MLK Jr. Holiday Ball

Annual fundraiser for our scholarship fund.


Youth Club

Sponsor programs of interest to youth between the ages 12 to 18 in areas of community service, higher education, activism networking, global awareness, and entrepreneurs.


Emergency Disaster Preparedness Informational 

To help spread the message about the need to prepare for and respond to potential emergencies, including natural disasters and terror attacks. To learn about the different types of emergencies that could occur and the appropriate responses in severe weather events and other disasters. 

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